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SEBS rubber as a medical device material to compete for the target

Structure of styrene ethylene butadiene styrene-SEBS

SEBS rubber as a medical device material to compete for the target

Compared with natural rubber, ordinary synthetic rubber and thermoplastic elastomer rubber SBS, SEBS has a reputation as “rubber gold” in the industry and is a high-end synthetic rubber.
SEBS is a hydrogenation product of SBS. Due to its excellent performance, it can be widely used in the production of high-end automobiles, medical equipment materials, toys, wire and cable, etc. Currently, it is mainly imported from abroad.
Relevant experts said that Chinese enterprises should speed up the development and production of high value-added synthetic rubber, relieve supply conflicts, and compete for market discourse rights.
According to reports, the US Food and Drug Administration believes that SEBS materials are non-toxic, do not cause allergies, variability and rejection of human tissues, have good air tightness, temperature resistance, aging resistance, can be directly sterilized by high temperature cooking and ultraviolet rays, so it can be used as a basic material for medical devices, such as surgical covers, surgical gowns, infusion tubes, tourniquets, blood separators, rubber stoppers, etc.
Therefore, SEBS rubber has become the target of internationally renowned companies.

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