CMEF 2019 Shanghai Invitation

Shanghai-centered Yangtze River Delta (including Jiangsu and Zhejiang) is one of the three major industrial clusters of medical devices in China. It not only has a deep foundation of medical industry and abundant medical clinical resources, but also is a gathering place of high-performance medical devices in China. It is reported that in 2018, after Shanghai Free Trade Area successfully explored and initiated the innovation and reform of medical device registrar system, the world’s first medical device industry-wide service platform officially settled in Shanghai.

CMEF, as a comprehensive service platform covering the whole industry chain of medical devices, integrating product technology, service innovation and business cooperation, education, training and academic knowledge in Asia-Pacific region, will continue the theme of “medical digitalization”, take wisdom and health as the blueprint, take the industrial development as its responsibility, and gather the frontier science and technology, academic knowledge and development integration in all parts of the world. All kinds of forces, such as cultural exchanges, have brought together the common advance force of the industry to usher in the new era of digital medical care.

Welcome to our booth: 8.1, ZA08, 5.1, W17